PE Uniforms

All students are required to take one semester of Health/Fitness during 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Health and Fitness students are required to have a uniform to change into; no exceptions. (If purchasing a uniform is a hardship, please contact Mrs. Spencer in the main office.) 

Students will need to have a plain grey t-shirt and either grey or black shorts/sweats/yoga pants. Students are strongly encouraged to have sweats and hoodies that follow the uniform policy for inclement weather if we go outside (Leota Spirit Wear is always accepted as part of a complete uniform)

Health and Fitness uniforms (adult and youth sizes) will be available for purchase through Cloud 9 Sports. The online store will be open until Monday, August 12, 2024. An alternative to purchasing through Cloud9 Sports is to purchase a plain grey shirt and grey or black shorts from ANY store. If ordering from Cloud9 be sure to put your STUDENTS name on the order form. 

*Orders will be shipped directly to Leota and distributed in 1st and 2nd semester Health and Fitness classes. Please note both adult and youth sizes are available. If you need help with sizing, please reach out to the Health and Fitness Department Head @

We will open up a second opportunity to order for students enrolled in 2nd semester classes in December.

Store Link: