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Principal's Message

Hello Leota Students and Families,

I hope you are all having a relaxing and enjoyable summer. Before you know it, we will be coming together for an exciting 2022-23 school year. I am thrilled to be joining the Leota community as your new principal. I look forward to getting to know each of you and working in partnership to help each student achieve success. I am beginning my 26th year in education. Most recently, I spent the last 4 years as an assistant principal at Bothell High School. My time in the Northshore School District has been rewarding. My goal is to support each student through their middle school years. I will do this by accepting them for where they are and helping prepare them to be high school ready when they leave.

This newsletter contains much of the information you will need to ensure a smooth start to the upcoming school year. I hope that the 2022-23 school year is filled with excitement, joy, new learning, and new growth for all students. Together we will make this the best year ever.

Please mark your calendars for two important dates. August 21st from 9:00am-1:00pm is Leota’s Community Serve Day where we partner with our community to clean up and beautify our campus. All are welcome and encouraged to participate but must sign up in advance here: . On August 29th from 1-5pm we will host our “Leota Launch Day”. On this day, students will have their school photo taken and families will have the opportunity to tour the campus, as well as receive information about how to purchase an ASB card and yearbook, register for sports, purchase materials for specialty classes, and sign up for your locker with the opportunity to practice how to open it up.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email any time. Have a wonderful remaining few weeks of summer. I look forward to meeting each of you soon! Please don’t forget, school starts on August 31st.

In partnership, Scott Leick
Leota Middle School Principal


Community Serve Day: August 21st

Be part of a movement of local churches, school districts, PTSA’s, non-profits, and businesses that mobilize as one for our community. For one day we come together to help schools get ready for the new school year.

Projects may include helping teachers set up classrooms, as well as improving the campuses through painting, repairs, beautification, and more. Sign up at The event will occur at Leota’s campus from 9:00am-1:00pm on August 21st. We hope to see you there!

Leota Launch Day Monday, August 29th 1:00 pm - 5:00pm

We are excited to provide the opportunity to have school photos taken, receive a student ID card, get locker assignments/combos and practice opening lockers on Monday, August 29th. Class schedules will likely be available for pickup as well. Additionally, families will receive information about how to virtually complete any final “to-do” items before school officially begins, such as:

  • Purchase a yearbook
  • Purchase an ASB sticker
  • Sign up for sports
  • Sign up for PTSA
  • Pay any school related fees
  • How to give toward our ASB/PTSA Fund Drive
  • How to successfully log into the various online platforms (ie- Touchbase, ParentVue, etc.)
  • Set up a lunch account
  • How to access transportation information
  • How to purchase spirit wear
  • Request a free backpack with supplies for families in need
  • How to sign up for free/reduced lunches and/or financial assistance for reduced fee

*Note: The payment office will be open for those wanting to pay fees or make purchases in-person vs. online.

Please try to adhere to the following photo schedule as closely as possible on Monday, August 29th. If you can't make it during your time slot, please come at a time that works for your family between 1:00-5:00pm.

  • 1:00-2:00pm A-D alpha by last name
  • 2:00-3:00pm E-K alpha by last name
  • 3:00-4:00pm L-P alpha by last name
  • 4:00-5:00pm R-Z alpha by last name

Mark Your Calendar

August 7 

August 17-18 

August 21 

August 29 

August 31 

September 1 

September 1 

September 1 

September 12 

September 14 

October 1 


October 10

October 19

November 2

 Online Orders for Health and Fitness Uniforms Due

 WEB Leader Training: 9:00am-3:00pm-Leota Gym

 Community Serve Day: 9:00am-1:00pm

 Leota Launch Day: 1:00pm-5:00pm

 First day – 6th grade and WEB Leaders only 8:00am – 2:35pm

 “Paving the Way Together Fundraising Drive Kick-Off 

 Back to School - All Students, 8:00am - 2:35pm

 Season 1 Fall Sports practice begins

 Picture Make Up Day

 Curriculum Night: 6:30-8:15pm

 Final Turn in Day for “Paving the Way Together” Annual   Fund Drive

 Leota Picture Re-Take Day

PTSA General Meeting – 7pm

7th Grade Health Screening


Staying Informed

Leota will send via email our school newsletter the first and third Friday of each month. These can also be found on our website by navigating to “Our School”à “School Newsletter”. Occasionally, we may send additional emails and/or text messages for more urgent or important information.

Student Schedules & Locker Information 

Student final schedules will be available for viewing on a designated day near the end of August via StudentVue and/or ParentVue. Schedules viewed prior to the published date are not final. Students will transport all school items via backpacks during the school day.

Although every student will be issued a locker for his/her own use during the Leota Launch Day on August 29th, it is up to the student to decide whether or not they will use the locker during the school year. Backpacks will be allowed in classrooms. Students will be able to practice opening theirs lockers at the Leota Launch Day. Students unable to attend the Leota Launch Day will be given their locker information on the first day of school.

Please discuss the following locker security and cleanliness rules with your child:

  • Do not share your locker combination with anyone – not even your best friend.
  • Be sure that your locker is completely closed and locked when you leave it.
  • Do not keep valuable items in your locker; leave them at home.
  • Keep lockers clean; nothing may be written on the inside or outside of lockers.
  • Do not put stickers or other hard to remove items on the walls of your locker.
  • Do not use items or devices of any kind to tamper with the locking mechanism.

Everything must be removed from your locker at the end of the year. Lockers are for backpacks, books, student supplies, and coats. Students may not change lockers without permission from the assistant principal.

Lockers belong to Northshore School District and may be inspected at any time. Locker cleanouts are done periodically through the school year.

First Day of School

AUGUST 31st (6th GRADE) and WEB Leaders only 8:00 AM - 2:35 PM

With the implementation of WEB (Where Everybody Belongs), the first day of school, August 31st, will only require attendance for 6th grade students and WEB Leaders. 7th and 8th graders (other than WEB Leaders) are asked not to attend on August 31st, as this is for student-only orientation for 6th graders.

The WEB First Day orientation and transition programs are designed to both welcome and support incoming 6th graders by assigning them an 8th grade WEB Leader as a mentor during their first year. This WEB Leader is a responsible older student who was hand selected from a large pool of applicants and has met the qualifications of being a good role model and positive leader on our campus.

WEB Day – August 31st: 6th graders are asked to wear comfortable attire, as the day’s activities will require movement. Do NOT bring any school supplies or backpacks on this day. Please only bring what is listed below:

  • What to expect for 6th graders and WEB Leaders on the August 31st WEB Day:
  • 6th graders will receive a copy of their schedule and a map of the school.
  • Regular school lunch (full menu) will be available for purchase utilizing our cafeteria service. Menu is available on the NSD Website.
  • Breakfast will be available for purchase
  • Students must use their lunch accounts to purchase lunch on this day (or bring their own sack lunch).
  • Please be sure to bring your Student ID card if you are purchasing breakfast or lunch.

If you have questions about the first day of school, please contact the main office or the WEB Coordinators, (Linda Nelson (, Tamara Kelly (, Kristina Berube ( or Tianna Flowers (

  • Student schedules and a map of the school will be available from 7:40-8:00am in the cafeteria. Keep your schedule with you during the first day of school.
  • Bring your school supplies on this day.
  • Be at your bus stop early on the first day. During the last week of August your route information may be found at You will not receive any other notification. Call Transportation directly with your questions at (425) 408-7900.

(Please note no changes may be made regarding your stop during the initial two weeks of September while the Transportation Department sorts out its ridership. Bus passes will not be issued until further notice from transportation.)

School Supplies
7th / 8th Grade School Supply List

Organization skills are important for success in middle school. Teachers recommend that students create one portable binder system that can be used for each class. Some teachers will recommend additional supplies after school starts. School supplies are suggested, but not required. If purchasing school supplies creates a financial hardship, please contact the Office Manager and supplies will be provided to you.

The binder system that works best is:

  • One binder 2 ½ - 3 inches (needs to be thick enough to store everything)
  • Pencil pouch with 3-hole punch (nylon suggested for durability)
  • Planner will be provided when school starts. The planner has a 3-hole punch and will be kept in binder.
  • 5 folders with pockets and 3-hole punched, labeled for each subject area. (Math, English, Science, Social Studies and Health Fitness).
  • 5 plastic dividers with pockets
  • 3 spiral notebooks, college ruled and 3-hole punched
  • 1 - 2 composition books
  • College ruled paper (some in folder, keep some at home)
  • Graph paper (1/4 inch square), 3-hole punched (spiral notebook is preferred, but can be difficult to find)
  • Ruler (cm and inches)
  • 4 function calculator for science (See below for recommendations)

The pencil pouch should always have:

  • Pencils
  • Pens (Black, Blue, and Red)
  • Highlighters (3 different colors)
  • Post-It notes (3x3 inch)
  • 8 colored pencils
  • 4 function calculator (see below for recommendations)


Belongings, school supplies, tech devices, textbooks, etc. are to be kept in backpacks either in lockers or with the student at all times during the day. Please keep all valuables and non-school related items at home.

Graphing Calculator

Starting with limited use in 8th grade and 7th Challenge Math, but extensive use in Algebra 1 and Geometry, students will be using the TI-83 Plus or TI-84 graphing calculator. If parents are planning to invest in a graphing calculator, we recommend the TI-83 Plus graphing calculator, as our curriculum includes technology tips for this specific model. In addition, this calculator is used in high school math classes and can be used in future college math classes. It is programmable, upgradeable, and not likely to become obsolete, which makes it useful for many years. The TI-84 is more expensive, but does the same thing as the TI-83 Plus. While it is not required for students to have a graphing calculator (except for students in Algebra 1 and Algebra ll/Trigonometry who will need to have one), it is advisable for students to have access to one. There are classroom sets of graphing calculators available for students to use during class time and after school. Having a calculator at home will allow the student to finish class work outside of class.

School Supplies
6th Grade School Supply List

Organization skills are important for success in middle school. As a result, 6th grade teachers are recommending that parents help their students create one portable binder system that can be taken to each class. School supplies are suggested, but not required. If purchasing school supplies creates a financial hardship, please contact the Office Manager and supplies will be provided to you.

The binder system that works best is:

  •  One binder 2-inch D ring.
  • Pencil pouch with 3-hole punch (nylon suggested for durability)
  • Planner will be provided when school starts. The planner has a 3-hole punch and will be kept in binder.
  • 5 folders with pockets and 3-hole punched. Your student will use the folders to separate their work in each subject area. They will want to label each folder with a subject (Math, English, Science, Social Studies and Health Fitness).
  •  3 spiral notebooks, college ruled and 3-hole punched
  • AAP/Challenge Science students will need 2 college ruled composition books
  • College ruled paper (some in folder, keep some at home)
  • Graph paper (1/4 inch square), 3-hole punched (spiral notebook preferred, can be difficult to find)
  • Ruler (cm and inches)

The pencil pouch should always have:

  • Sharpened Pencils
  • Pens (Black, Blue and Red)
  • Highlighters (3 different colors)
  • Post it notes (3x3 inch)
  • 8 colored pencils 4 function calculator
  • Small scissors

Backpacks: Belongings, school supplies, tech devices, textbooks, etc. are to be kept in backpacks either in lockers or with the student at all times during the day. Please keep all valuables and non-school related items at home.

Science teachers love to have Kleenex and scotch tape donated to the class set.

*Some teachers may recommend additional supplies after school starts.

Leota now has a fantastic online spirit wear store! You can access the online store at the link below or from the link on the main page of our Leota website. All purchases are shipped directly to homes.


Leota Online Spirit Wear Store 

PE Uniform Orders Open until Sunday, August 7, 2022

All students are required to take one semester of Health/Fitness during 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Health and Fitness students are required to have a uniform to change into; no exceptions. (If purchasing a uniform is a hardship, please contact Mrs. Spencer in the main office.) 

Students will need to have a plain grey t-shirt and either grey or black shorts. Students are strongly encouraged to have sweats and hoodies that follow the uniform policy for inclement weather if we go outside (Leota Spirit Wear is always allowed). Health and Fitness uniforms (adult and youth sizes) will be available for purchase through Cloud 9 Sports. The online store will be open until Sunday, August 7, 2022. An alternative to purchasing through Cloud9 Sports is to purchase a plain grey shirt and grey or black shorts from ANY store.

*Orders will be shipped directly to Leota and distributed in Health and Fitness classes. Please note both adult and youth sizes are available. If you need help with sizing please reach out to the Health and Fitness Department.

Store Link: The link is also on the Leota Homepage.

Student Dress Code  

Leota adheres to the district dress code stated below as outlined in the district Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. Additionally, we will follow all District, CDC, and DOH COVID guidelines.

The student’s attire is the primary responsibility of the parents or legal guardians. The Northshore School District is responsible for assuring that student attire does not interfere with educational process which includes the health, safety, and emotional well-being of all students. Student attire must also not contribute to any hostile or intimidating atmosphere for students.

Students May Wear:

  • Headgear is approved to be worn on campus during the school day, unless it is a safety issue. Headgear includes, but is not limited to, hats, visors, bonnets, hoodies, etc. In all circumstances, teachers should attempt to accommodate students who choose to wear headgear.
  • Fitted* pants, including leggings, yoga pants and “skinny jeans.”
  • Pajamas
  • Ripped or distressed jeans/shorts that do not expose underwear
  • Tank tops, halter tops, and crop tops (including those with spaghetti straps)
  • Sunglasses (can be worn outside). Special approval is needed to wear sunglasses in the classroom setting for medical purposes.

*The term “fitted” can best be described as form fitting garments that contour the body while providing coverage at the same time.

Students May Not Wear Clothing With:

  • Violent language or images
  • Images or language that encourages the use of alcohol, tobacco, vaping, or the use of any other drugs
  • Images or language that depicts illegal activity or that creates a hostile environment
  • Hate speech, gang/hate group affiliation, profanity, or pornography
  • Bathing suit tops, tube tops, or sports bras (unless worn underneath another approved article of clothing)*
  • Visible underwear or boxers.
  • Masks and headgear that conceal the face(except for religious purposes)
  • Dangerous or sharp objects that could be used as a weapon, spikes, etc.


Library News

Krista Repp, Teacher/Librarian
Barb Roetcisoender, Library Technician

Welcome to the Leota Library! We’re so excited to be in-person, and we have a fantastic list of brand-new books just waiting to be checked out and read by our students! Leota Library Orientation for all students will start at the beginning of the school year, usually through the English classes. Students will learn how to search for books, hold titles, and the procedures for checking out books. We’ll also go over what online resources are available and a review of technology guidelines.

Library resources are available on your student’s Clever account under the Library and Research section and student can access most of these with their school ID number and password. Other online resources may have school-specific passwords, and these will be updated for student use for the 2022-23 school year. All library resources, including book check out, will be available starting the first day of school.

More Important Info 

LEOTA CURRICULUM NIGHT: September 14th, 6:30pm

Curriculum Night Check List:

  • Mark your calendar – September 14th, 6:30pm
  • PTSA Membership and “Paving the Way Together” Fundraiser Early Participation Reward Drawing

Parents and guardians are invited to participate in Leota Middle School’s Curriculum Night on Wednesday, September 14th at 6:30 pm. Details about whether the event will be in person or virtual are not yet finalized, so be watching for more information to come home soon. In general, the evening will begin with an opening ceremony followed by rotating through your child’s daily schedule. You will have an opportunity to hear from their teachers and learn about your student’s classes. Teachers will speak briefly about curriculum and answer questions. This will be a great way to experience your child’s daily routine. The school’s AIDS curriculum will also be available for review.


To help support our Associated Student Body programs, we strongly encourage students to purchase an ASB card. Students participating in Leota sports, music, after-school activities and clubs, or who have been elected as ASB officers must purchase an ASB card. ASB revenue is used to fund athletics, assemblies, uniforms, Lion’s Day, intramurals, and other special activities and equipment. As a benefit, students receive discounts on events throughout the year. The cost of an ASB card is $30; information about how to purchase cards will be provided at the Leota Launch Day on August 29th.


State law and common sense tell us that it is important for schools to monitor the attendance of students very carefully. It is a challenge to follow the absences, late arrivals, and early dismissals of over 850 students. Students and parents can make the job easier by being aware of the rules and making sure they follow them. The Attendance Office has developed the following policies to safeguard your child:

  • All students must check in at the Attendance Office when arriving late or departing early from campus.
  • Students returning from an absence must have the absence excused by a parent or guardian. This can be done by telephone (425-408-6510), email ( or with a written note. The Attendance Office must receive a note, email or phone call before the student reports for class.
  • Students arriving late for school must bring a note to the Attendance Office before going to class. Alternatively, parents can also walk them into the Attendance Office or call in ahead of time (425- 408-6510).
  • Teachers may issue infractions to students who arrive late without a pass per their classroom policy.
  • Students who need to be dismissed early are asked to bring a note from home and give it to the Attendance Office before school starts that day. Students will be sent a pass so that they can be dismissed from class and report to the Attendance Office at the early dismissal time. Parents/authorized adults must come to the Attendance Office to sign out their student.

By adhering to these attendance policies, you help to ensure the safety of your child and make the job of the Attendance Office much easier. Call us at 408-6510 if you have any questions. Leota adheres to the attendance policy in the Northshore School District’s Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, which is available on the NSD website. In addition, all families are required to sign and turn in a state- generated attendance letter.

Leota Grading Scale 

All classes at Leota use the following grading scale: (Grading Floor for 2022-23 is 40%)

A  93% and above  B+ 87%-89%     C+ 77%-79%  D+ 67%-69%      F 59% and below

A- 90%-92%             B  83%-86%     C    73%-76%    D    60%-66%

B- 80%-82%     C-  70%-7

Cafeteria and Student Lunch Accounts 

School Meal Program Update for 2022-23

The Northshore School District, like all others in the state, will again begin to charge for school lunch and breakfast at the start of next school year. The Federal COVID-19 waivers that have allowed U.S. public schools to offer free breakfasts and lunches to all students regardless of income has expired. This means students who apply for benefits and qualify for free or reduced-priced meals will continue to receive meals at no charge in 2022-23, and students who do not apply for or qualify for benefits will be charged at the paid meal price for breakfast and lunch when participating.

What can you do to prepare?

  • Reapply for benefits in August! Students need to qualify each school year for free or reduced- priced meals in order to continue receiving benefits. Applications will be available in August to apply for 2022-23 school year benefits. In addition to meals, those who qualify can also receive discounted or free school services including athletic fees, field trip fees, ASB fees, college application fees, and more.
  • Set up a Titan Family Portal account. Be prepared for purchasing meals by opening a Titan Family Portal account where you can add money to your student's account, set up recurring payments, see purchases, set low-balance reminders, move money between siblings and even apply for benefits!

Leota Technology 

The Northshore School District maintains a Responsible Use Procedure (RUP) to guide the use of technology throughout the district, summarized below. NSD’s Responsible Use Procedure is in place to foster the idea of digital citizenship. A digital citizen is one who:

  • Understands human, cultural and social issues related to technology and practices legal and ethical behavior
  • Advocates and practices safe, legal and responsible use of information and technology
  • Exhibits a positive attitude toward using technology that supports collaboration, learning and productivity
  • Demonstrates personal responsibility for lifelong learning
  • Exhibits leadership for digital citizenship
  • Reports inappropriate use of technology
  • Uses appropriate passwords and practices responsible password management
  • Refrains from posting personal information (or other people’s personal information)
  • Uses technology at school for educational purposes only
  • All users of district technology will observe ‘Fair Use’ and ‘Educational Use’ copyright laws

Students who fail to comply with the responsibilities outlined in the RUP may be subject to disciplinary action defined at the building level as well as suffer a loss of technology-related privileges.