Parking & Transportation

Dropping off Students and parking

When dropping off the student, use the driveway on the east parking lot, near the flag pole. Follow the direction of the cones placed in the the drive ways.

  • Please do not block the driveway when dropping off your students
  • If students need extra time to unload, please park in the designated parking space
  • Exit only in the designated exit area

Below is the map of the school building. The north side of the building is designated parking area for school buses during morning drop off and afternoon pickup. Staff and parents can park in the opposite side of this designated area. Parents and staff can also park in the designated parking area in 169th Ave NE.


Image of  leota MS evacualtion route and parking


Leota offers after school activity buses as well. Click the link below for more information about activity buses.

Leota Activity Bus Information

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