Our School

Welcome to Leota Middle School

As a Leota Middle School community, we focus on three pillars.


Mission Statement 

Mission Statement: We will create a caring and safe environment that is engaging, considers the whole person and fosters a sense of community, lifelong learning and positive interactions with peers.

Leota has an incredibly talented teaching staff that is proud of their ability to deliver a robust education for the whole child. Students at Leota have access to core instruction in science, math, language arts and social studies at a variety of levels depending on students' needs for academic rigor.

In addition to core classes, students have access to STEM classes such as Robotics and Computer Aided Drafting, a variety of physical education classes, Spanish and French, art, music and drama. Students should be able to find classes that not only meet their interests, but also help them become well-rounded citizens for the 21st-Century workforce.

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