LMS Newsletter (Feb 27)

LMS Newsletter (Feb 27)

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Newsletter for the week of Feb. 27, 2023


In this issue: 

  • We want YOU on the PTSA Board!

  • Staff Appreciation signup

  • Emergency Prep Corner

  • Staff Spotlight

  • Thank you, sponsors


News & events

Stay informed about what’s happening at Leota

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We want YOU on the PTSA Board!

Elections for next year’s Leota PTSA Board are coming up in May. The Treasurer and President will soon max out their terms, so those roles--along with other Board roles--will be open to new volunteers. If you’re interested in making a difference at Leota, the PTSA would love to have you join our Board and committees.

Find out about these opportunities at the next PTSA General Membership meeting on Wednesday, March 22, at 7 pm. (Note the rescheduled date!)

Any Leota PTSA member can be a candidate for these roles. If you want to learn more about how the PTSA supports the school and staff, or if you want to get more involved in your child’s school, be sure to put this meeting on your calendar!


Volunteers needed

Learn how you can help make Leota more awesome


Staff Appreciation events

We’re so close to filling our March Staff Appreciation lunch! Thank you to everyone who has already signed up to bring something on March 15. We still need the following items to make the event a success:

  • One large green salad

  • Crock Pot of chicken / turkey chili

  • 20 baked potatoes (x3)

The staff really enjoy these lunches, and they often comment how lucky they feel to work at Leota and be shown so much appreciation. Thanks for your help!

Photo of a banner hanging in the Leota staff lounge that reads "Thank You Leota Staff." Dozens of white gift bags are lined up underneath the banner.


Reminder: Volunteer background checks

To volunteer on campus at Leota or any other facility in the Northshore School District, you’ll need to submit an online application for a Level 1 background check. Volunteers must update the application every year, and it must be completed before the first day of volunteering. To begin the process, visit the district’s Become a Volunteer webpage.


Banner that reads "Emergency Preparedness Corner." Next to it are icons representing weather- and disaster-related emergencies.

Emergency Prep Corner

Tips to help families navigate emergencies


Tip: What to do in the event of a school evacuation

Evacuation is the designation that NSD uses when it’s safer for students to be outside rather than inside, such as an interior gas leak or unstable building structure due to a natural disaster. In an evacuation, students and staff leave the building using similar procedures as in a fire drill.

In the event of an evacuation, parents are urged NOT to rush to school to pick up their child. Our school is in an area where additional traffic may impede needed emergency vehicles from arriving. Once the situation is under control, students and parents will be coordinated to be reunited in a safe, orderly, and timely manner. All emergency contacts and parents need picture identification in order to pick up their student.

Did you know? Leota has received praise from the Woodinville Fire Department for its coordination and safety measures during evacuation drills. Great job! Illustration of a blue award ribbon


Check out the next PTSA Newsletter for another emergency prep tip!


Staff Spotlight

Get to know the teachers and staff who make Leota a great place


Ryan Adams

Math 8; Algebra 1

Photo of Ryan Adams

Favorite meal? All of them. At once. All the time. And pizza.

Why did you decide to work in education? When I was in junior high, my life was heading in a very bad direction. But a teacher talked to me, not at me. She convinced me that I was a leader, and I could use that for good. I went from a 1.7 GPA in 7th grade to a 3.9 GPA and elected ASB president by the end of 8th grade. I said, “I want to do that with my life!”

If you could meet any historical figure, who would that person be and why? Thomas Jefferson, to fix some things in the Constitution.

Favorite sports teams or athletes? University of Washington Husky Football. Michael Penix, Jr.

What is your go-to karaoke song? NEVER. I have a great disdain for karaoke. :)

What volunteer work do you do in the community? A lot of walks and fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

What job did you have before you started working at Leota? Bouncer. 

Favorite TV shows? “The West Wing,” “The Wire,” “Ted Lasso.”

Favorite travel destination? Sweden, or Ireland.

What have you crossed off your bucket list? Attend a December game at Lambeau Field.

Favorite words to live by? Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.


Stacey Buhler

6th grade Challenge Spanish; 8th grade Spanish 100

Photo of Stacey Buhler

Favorite meal? All types of curry.

What do you like to do on weekends? Work in my garden, hike, watch my kids at their sporting events, read.

Why did you decide to work in education? I have always wanted to be a teacher. I almost took another career path, but education’s pull was strong and pulled me back in. I love working with young adults. It is such an important age of building identity and finding one’s place and purpose in the world.

What’s your superpower? Hands down, organization.

What is your pet’s name and what are they like? Our cat, Rocko, is really a dog trapped in a dog’s body. He is an important part of our family. 

Do you speak any languages besides English? Spanish.

What kind of books do you like to read? Historical fiction.

What is your go-to karaoke song? “Lollipop.”

What’s on your bucket list? Visiting Costa Rica and Colombia (trips cancelled due to the pandemic).

Favorite words to live by? “Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.” --Henry James


Check out the next PTSA Newsletter for another Staff Spotlight!


Thank you, sponsors

We couldn’t do this without you

The Leota PTSA would like to thank all of the Paving the Way donors, and especially this year’s sponsors (listed below). Our programs and events are possible because of you all! 

Lionheart Champion: Sylvia Bagley

Lionheart Hero: Cheng Peng

Lionheart Friends: Theresa Held, Monique Coleman, Fleur Tanner


Your generosity is already at work! To date, projects and programs include: 

  • Improving the sound system during emergencies

  • Fixing the refrigerator door in the nurse’s office

  • WEB T-shirts

  • Choir

  • ASB

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Let’s get social

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