LMS MAY 5th Parent Newsletter

LMS MAY 5th Parent Newsletter

Principal's Message

Hello Leota Lion Families,
May has arrived and we are down to just six full weeks of school left in the school year and only five more Mondays. This time of year is very busy, and can cause a variety of emotions. Our partnership is more important than any other time of the year. 
Special Events & Expectations
The Leota Middle School Leadership Team, including a group of teachers, administrators and other staff members will be presenting the following information to students in regards to the expectations that will be expected in order to participate and or attend upcoming events, such as a Talent Show and Lion Day (Field Day). Please encourage your student to meet these expectations, so they don’t miss out on any of the special activities. We will have alternative activities for those unable to meet the expectations below. 
Message to students: 

  • To attend the talent show or lions day, students need to show respectful behavior to classmates, peers and teachers.  
  • If you have struggled to follow these behaviors in our halls and classrooms then there will be an alternative location for you instead of attending the talent show/lion’s day. (Measure of behavior = 2 infractions or behavior greater than lunch duty)
  • The purpose is to trust that everyone attending the end of year activities will uphold our pillars of respect, effort and empathy in how they respond, watch and interact during these activities.

Testing Information
As mentioned in our previous newsletter, state testing begins this week. The daily schedule looks different, as we will have a block schedule on each of the testing days. What that really means is that each class is 105 minutes long and students will only attend three classes and Pride on all testing days. The first day of testing will be periods 1, 2, 3, and Pride and then switch to 4, 5, 6, and Pride on the second day. The schedule will go back and forth throughout the six days of testing. 
May 8th & 9th WCAS Science Testing- 8th graders only
May 11th & 12th ELA Testing- all students
May 16th & 17th Math Testing- all students 
It is essential that your child brings their device and charger on the testing days. Please note that we cannot provide any assistance if they do not bring their devices, and loaner devices do not support the SBA testing.
To ensure that your child can take the SBA test successfully, please make sure they bring their fully charged device and charger with them on the testing days. If your child encounters any technical difficulties during the test, our IT team will be available to provide support.
Special Message from Nurse, Vicki Duncombe

May is always a busy month for students. The kids see an



May is always a busy month for students. The kids see an


end of the school year in sight, state-based testing for many grades occurs this month, and many kids are more active taking advantage of outdoor sports or activities with the better weather. With this flurry of activity, we are noticing an increased trend of students with headaches, stomachaches, or general malaise in the mornings and needing access to a quick snack to get to lunch. 
A common feature of these scenarios is not having eaten breakfast that day and students expressing they are ‘just not breakfast eaters’. These are often teaching opportunities to encourage healthy eating habits that include breakfast and connecting the signals the body may be sending ( i.e. the stomachaches/headaches, etc.) when the last meal eaten may have been dinner the night before .... well over 12 hours ago.  While the body may tolerate this on a short term, occasional basis, it has a harder time when this becomes a longer-term habit. 
With the upcoming state testing schedule this month, we would like to encourage all students come fueled and ready to tackle their day this May (and every day).  
Experts agree that getting kids to eat breakfast is important. Breakfast has been associated with many benefits, including: 

  • Supporting adequate daily intake of nutrients for a growing and healthier adolescent body 
  • Positively impacts memory, attention, mood and school performance in all areas of learning 
  • Breakfast gives kids the fuel to start the day after a long night of sleeping  
    1. 13% of school-aged kids skip breakfast. This number jumps to more than 27%, on average, for adolescents aged 12 to 19 years.  

There are lots of reasons kids may skip breakfast:  

  • Growing teen's 
     circadian rhythm shifts – it’s natural for teens to be unable to fall asleep until late and then have difficulty rising early for school 
  • Selective eating habits or food preferences 
  • Busy schedules, oversleeping in the mornings or a preference to sleep in as long as possible over getting up early to have breakfast 

If you find yourself skipping breakfast because you're too rushed, try these quick breakfasts. They're easy to grab on the way out the door or get ready the night before: 

  • single servings of whole-grain, low-sugar cereal or pre-bagged ready to eat  
  • yogurt 
  • fresh fruit 
  • whole-grain muffin 
  • trail mix 
  • protein shakes/smoothies 
  • have access to snacks in student backpacks for when the mid-morning hunger slump hits that can be eaten before later lunch times 

Leota does have breakfast foods available in the mornings in the cafeteria before school. Northshore School District is part of the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs. All schools offer breakfast and lunch. Menus are available online on the district website along with nutritional information at: 
Additional information and resources for the information listed above can be found at: 

Coming soon: 
 Missing Tdap letters will be coming home in the mail in the next few weeks to those 6th grade students who need a Tdap vaccine before the start of the next school year, fall 2023. If you receive one of these letters in home mail, your student will need a Tdap vaccine over the summer before starting school next fall. Please follow the instructions in the missing Tdap letter. 
Thank you! 
Thank you for taking the time to read through the newsletter. It is longer than normal but there is a lot going on and we don’t want anyone to miss out on this valuable information. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.
In partnership,
Scott Leick, Principal
Leota Middle School

Upcoming Events:

Teacher Appreciation Week 5/8-5/12
8th Grade Sci WCAS Testing-Adjusted Schedule (Per 1,2,3&Pride)
WEB Leader Applications accepted through 5/13
Drama Club Spring Play Tech Rehearsal: 2:35 Theater
Game Club: 2:35 Library
6th Girls Volleyball: CPMS@LMS 3:30
6th Boys Soccer: CPMS@LMS 3:30
Girls Tennis: CPMS@LMS 3:30
7th/8th Boys Soccer: CPMS@LMS 4:45 
8th Grade Sci WCAS Testing-Adjusted Schedule (Per 4,5,6&Pride)
Star Time: 2:35 Library
ASB Meeting: 2:35 P-5
Drama Club Spring Play Dress  Rehearsal: 2:35 Theater
Peer Tutor Club: 2:35 Room 606
Co-Ed Track LMS@NMS 3:30
Periods 1-6
Latino Cultures Club: 7:00 Room 604
South Asian Club during lunches 
Drama Club Spring Play Dress  Rehearsal call time for cast and crew: 3:00pm Theater, show time at 4:00pm (Doors open at 3:45)
SBAC Testing-ELA CAT Adjusted Schedule (Per 1,2,3&Pride)
Star Time: 2:35 Library
6th Girls Volleyball: LMS@KMS 3:30
Girls Tennis: LMS@KMS 3:30
7th/8th Boys Soccer: LMS@KMS 3:30 
6th Boys Soccer: LMS@KMS 4:45
Drama Club Spring Play 6:30pm Theater 
SBAC Testing-ELA PT Adjusted Schedule (Per 4,5,6&Pride)
Bookworms Book Club: 2:35 Library 
Drama Club Spring Play 6:30pm Theater 
Future Events 
Periods 1-6, Pride
Game Club: 2:35 Library
6th Girls Volleyball: SMS@LMS 3:30
Girls Tennis: SMS@LMS 3:30
7th/8th Boys Soccer: SMS@LMS 3:30 
6th Boys Soccer: SMS@LMS 4:45
SBAC Testing-Math CAT Adjusted Schedule (Per 1,2,3&Pride)
Star Time: 2:35 Library
ASB Meeting: 2:35 P-5
Peer Tutor Club: 2:35 Room 606
Co-Ed Track TMS@LMS 3:30
5th/6th Grade Band Orchestra Concert:: 7:30 Gym
SBAC Testing-Math PT Adjusted Schedule (Early Release Per 4,5,&6)
Latino Cultures Club: 7:00 Room 604
South Asian Club during lunches 
Periods 1-6, Pride
Cultures Club: Pride Choir Room
Star Time: 2:35 Library
Geography Club: 2:35 P-9
6th Girls Volleyball: NMS@LMS 3:30
Girls Tennis: NMS@LMS 3:30
7th/8th Boys Soccer: NMS@LMS 3:30 
6th Boys Soccer:NMS@LMS 4:45
Periods 1-6, Pride
Student REJ Team: 2:35 Library 

Newsletter for the week of May 1, 2023


In this issue:

  • Final PTSA meeting of the year
  • Info meeting for DC trip
  • Cultural Night at Leota
  • PTSA advocacy updates
  • Reimbursement requests due
  • Speakers needed for Career Day 
  • Staff Appreciation signups
  • Thank you, sponsors


News & events

Stay informed about what’s happening at Leota


Last PTSA meeting of the year: May 17!

Join your fellow Leota parents for the final PTSA General Membership meeting of the year. We have lots to celebrate and vote on, so you don’t want to miss this one.

The meeting will be Wednesday, May 17, at 7 pm. You can attend in-person in the Leota library OR on Zoom. (Zoom link will be shared closer to the date.) Meeting agenda:

·       Celebrate Reflections Award winners

·       Announce PTSA Award recipients

·       Vote in next year’s PTSA Board

·       Vote in next year’s PTSA preliminary budget

·       And more!

See you there! If you have questions, please email presidentleotaptsa@hotmail.com.


Info meeting for 2024 trip to Washington, DC

Mrs. Van Avery and Mrs. Flowers are excited to announce plans for an educational and super-fun trip to Washington, DC; Baltimore; and Gettysburg!

This opportunity is open to all current 6th and 7th grade Leota Middle School students (i.e., next year’s 7th and 8th graders) and their family members. The trip will take place next Spring Break in April 2024. Because this trip happens only every two years, the 2024 trip will be both classes’ only chance to participate!

Mrs. Van Avery and Mrs. Flowers will host a parent informational meeting on Zoom on Thursday, May 11, at 7:30 pm. Please join at this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88454289089.

All interested parents/guardians are welcome to attend the informational meeting, but you do not need to attend in order to register for the tour.

Questions? Please email Mrs. Van Avery (lead teacher organizer) at lookingforwardtodc@hotmail.com or Yuval Bauman (Apple Student Tours rep) at yuval@apple-tours.com.

Note: This trip is an independently sponsored event by Apple Student Tours and Mrs. Van Avery/Mrs. Flowers. This trip is NOT affiliated with, nor sponsored by, Leota Middle School, Leota Middle School PTSA, or the Northshore School District.‚Äč

Pictured here: Leota students visited the U.S. Supreme Court on a previous trip to DC.


Coming together to celebrate cultural diversity

Save the date for Leota Cultural Night! Students and their families are invited to a showcase and celebration of the wonderful diversity in our school community.

Cultural Night will be held at Leota on Friday, June 2, at 6-8 pm.

Thanks to the following groups for helping put on this event: Black Student Union, East Asian Club, Latino Culture Club, South Asian Club, and Leota PTSA.


PTA advocacy updates

April 23 was the final day of Washington state’s 105-day 2023 legislative session. Washington State PTA members have been advocating this session by meeting virtually and in-person with representatives as well as testifying in both the House and Senate. We want to thank the Leota PTSA members who were among those advocates, including Jennifer Drury, Rachel Fitzgerald, Holly Muenchow, and Liz Wong. Special shoutout to Leota students Ronan F., Rory F., and Julien W., who shared testimony with representatives in Olympia.

Check out a recap from State PTA Legislative Consultant Marie Sullivan. Learn about the State PTA’s two-year legislative platform by visiting Northshore Council PTSA’s webpage.

Reimbursement requests due May 30

A message from the Treasurer, Angela La Tourette:

Please be sure to turn in all Leota PTSA expenses by May 30--sooner if you are able. We need to complete reimbursements by June, and we need to have time to write checks and answer any questions. If you have expenses that need to be reimbursed by the PTSA, fill out the Leota PTSA Check Request Form and email it to lalatourette@gmail.com. Be sure to include receipts.

I know the 8th Grade Party committee is still in the midst of planning. You will be spending money very close to the cutoff date. Don’t worry, just let me know as soon as you have an expense and I’ll make sure you are reimbursed.

Thank you for your cooperation and please reach out to me if you have questions!


Volunteers needed

Learn how you can help make Leota more awesome


Speak to students at Leota Career Day

Career Day offers our students insight into many different career fields. It gives them the opportunity to learn what is needed to be successful in various fields/industries. And we want our students to understand that no career path is ever a straight line, and within any career there are lots of different avenues they can follow.

The PTSA is working to host Career Day at Leota to support our students. However, we need your help. We are looking for presenters from ALL career fields and paths, including professional, trade, service industry, stay-at-home parents--you name it, we welcome it!


Career Day will be held Monday, May 22, at 1:15-2:30 pm virtually (Zoom). To sign up or to learn more about speaking at Career Day, click here.

If you know someone who would be an asset to our students, please share this information with them! Thanks for considering. Any questions, please reach out to Tracey at careerday2021@outlook.com.

Staff Appreciation events

Can you believe we’re down to the last few weeks of the school year? We’re finishing strong with some opportunities to spoil our wonderful staff for Staff Appreciation Week (May 8-12). Please click the links and see where you can help. Volunteers, we appreciate YOU!

May 8: Donuts and treats
May 10: Taco bar


Reminder: Volunteer background checks

To volunteer on campus at Leota or any other facility in the Northshore School District, you’ll need to submit an online application for a Level 1 background check. Volunteers must update the application every year, and it must be completed before the first day of volunteering. To begin the process, visit the district’s Become a Volunteer webpage.


Thank you, sponsors

We couldn’t do this without you


The Leota PTSA would like to thank all of the Paving the Way donors, and especially this year’s sponsors (listed below). Our programs and events are possible because of you all!

Lionheart Champion: Sylvia Bagley

Lionheart Hero: Cheng Peng

Lionheart Friends: Theresa Held, Monique Coleman, Fleur Tanner

Your generosity is already at work! To date, projects and programs include:

·       Improving the sound system during emergencies

·       Fixing the refrigerator door in the nurse’s office

·       WEB T-shirts

·       Choir

·       ASB


Let’s get social

For the latest news and opportunities, follow us on social media:

    · Join the Facebook page Leota Middle School PTSA

    · Join the Facebook private group Leota PTSA Volunteers and Info


About us

Leota PTSA is a parent, teacher, staff, and student membership organization that advocates for all students. We make a variety of educational and community programs possible at Leota. For more information, visit www.leotaptsa.com.

We hope this biweekly newsletter is a valuable resource to learn about the events, programs, and opportunities available to all Leota families. Thanks for reading!

We welcome your feedback and suggestions for the PTSA Newsletter. Please email them to communications@leotaptsa.com.


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