Leota Middle School Parent Newsletter. 6-2-23

Leota Middle School Parent Newsletter. 6-2-23


June 2, 2023
Hello Leota Lion Families,
Wow, and just like that we are in June. We are down to 11 days of school and only two more Mondays to get up for school this year. As you may know, for some students this is a very exciting time and for others the uncertainty of Summer activities provides them with a great deal of stress. Our students are both excited and nervous for the next couple of months. With the emotions and energy levels high, this is the time of year we need to partner together as a community more than ever before. 
As I have shared in the last two newsletters, students meeting expectations is very important. I am excited to share, most all of our students are meeting the expectations to attend the talent show and Lions Day. As the Principal, I do not take missing these activities lightly and it saddens me when students are not able to participate. With that being said, it is important for us to provide students with the reminders, clear expectations, and the support to be successful. Your help and encouragement is still very important, as we are closing out the school year. Just in case you missed the last couple of newsletters, please read the message below. If you already have seen it, please feel free to skip over.
Special Events & Expectations
The Leota Middle School Leadership Team, including a group of teachers, administrators and other staff members will be presenting the following information to students in regards to the expectations that will be expected in order to participate and or attend upcoming events, such as a Talent Show and Lion Day (Field Day). Please encourage your student to meet these expectations, so they don’t miss out on any of the special activities. We will have alternative activities for those unable to meet the expectations below. 
Message to students: 

  • To attend the talent show or lions day, students need to show respectful behavior to classmates, peers and teachers.  
  • If you have struggled to follow these behaviors in our halls and classrooms then there will be an alternative location for you instead of attending the talent show/lion’s day. (Measure of behavior = 2 infractions or behavior greater than lunch duty)
  • The purpose is to trust that everyone attending the end of year activities will uphold our pillars of respect, effort and empathy in how they respond, watch and interact during these activities.

The last available STAR Time is going to be Thursday, June 8th. Please anticipate your students coming home after-school the week of June 12th-16th. There will be a very limited number of after-school activities. Also, June 15 is the last day activity buses will be running. 
The end of the school year is upon us. I am proud of the work that both the students and staff have accomplished this year. There have been many rewarding experiences and I look forward to a strong and successful finish to the school year. 
We have a number of unusual schedules coming up. I encourage you to check the schedules below carefully so you and your student do not miss any important events.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


In partnership,

Scott Leick, Principal
Leota Middle School

Health/Fitness Uniforms for 2023-24 are on sale now through August 10, 2023
All students are required to take one semester of Health/Fitness during 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Health and Fitness students are required to have a uniform to change into; no exceptions. (If purchasing a uniform is a hardship, please contact Mrs. Spencer in the main office.) 
Students will need to have a plain grey t-shirt and either grey or black shorts/sweats/yoga pants. Students are strongly encouraged to have sweats and hoodies that follow the uniform policy for inclement weather if we go outside (Leota Spirit Wear is always accepted as part of a complete uniform)
Health and Fitness uniforms (adult and youth sizes) will be available for purchase through Cloud 9 Sports. The online store will be open until Thursday, August 10, 2023. An alternative to purchasing through Cloud9 Sports is to purchase a plain grey shirt and grey or black shorts from ANY store. If ordering from Cloud9 be sure to put your STUDENTS name on the order form. 
*Orders will be shipped directly to Leota and distributed in 1st and 2nd semester Health and Fitness classes. Please note both adult and youth sizes are available. If you need help with sizing, please reach out to the Health and Fitness Department Head @ kberube@nsd.org.
We will open up a second opportunity to order for students enrolled in 2nd semester classes in December.

Notes from Technology Department
If you are moving out of the school district, either within the state or out of the state, It is mandatory for students to submit their Chromebook along with the charger and case. Failure to do so will result in a fine being assigned to your student account.
On the other hand, if you are moving within the NSD district, you are allowed to keep the device and bring it with you to any school within the same district. This policy applies specifically to the students who are moving out of Leota.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your Chromebook, please feel free to visit me in person or email me. I'll be available to assist you and address any queries you may have.
Thank you for your attention, and we appreciate your cooperation in ensuring a smooth Chromebook return process
Shilpa Bitkuri
School Technology Specialist
Leota Middle School (Extn-6569)

Upcoming Events: (Please note: Revised schedules are at the end of the event list)
Monday           June 5             Per 1-6, Pride
                                                  Game Club: 2:35 Library
                                                  Extreme Volleyball: 2:35 Gym
Tuesday           June 6             Per 1-6, Pride
                                                  ASB Meeting: 2:35 P-5
                                                  Star Time: 2:35 Library
                                                  Extreme Volleyball: 2:35 Gym
Wednesday      June 7            Per 1-6,  Early Release
                                                  Spring Training (2023-24 WEB Leaders&A Team) 8:00-10:15 Aux Gym
                                                  South Asian Club during lunches 
                                                 PTSA Staff Appreciation Luncheon Bagel Sandwiches 
                                                 Leota Middle School Spring Concert 6:30pm Gym
Thursday         June 8            Period 1-6, Pride 
                                                 Latino Cultures Clubs: 2:05 Cafeteria 
                                                 First Locker Clean-out in Pride Classes
                                                 Star Time: 2:35 Library (FINAL STAR TIME)
                                                 Geography Club: 2:35 P-9
                                                 Extreme Volleyball: 2:35 Field
                                                 Talent Show Rehearsal: 2:35 Gym
Friday             June 9              Revised Schedule - Talent Show during Pride PM Assembly 
                                                  All Library Books and Textbooks Due
                                                 Art Club: 2:35 Room 623
                                                 Extreme Volleyball: 2:35 Gym
Monday           June 12          Revised Schedule - iReady Math  during Pride
                                                Drama Club Meeting: 2:35 Theater
                                                Extreme Volleyball: 2:35 Gym
Tuesday           June 13         Revised Schedule - iReady ELA during Pride (start of day)
                                                Star Time: 2:35 Library 
                                                Bookworms Book Club 2:35 Library 
                                                Extreme Volleyball: 2:35 Gym
Wednesday      June 14        Revised Schedule Full Day - No Early Release 
                                                Latino Cultures Club: 7:30 Room 604
                                                Final Locker Clean-out during Pride                   
Thursday         June 15         Revised Schedule - Yearbook Distribution during 1st Period
                                                East Asian Club End of Year Party during 2nd lunch, Room 710
                                                South Asian Club End of Year Party: 2:35 Cafeteria 
                                                Extreme Volleyball: 2:35 Gym
                                                Last Day for Activity Buses
Friday             June 16            Revised Schedule - Lion’s Day (after lunches) 
Monday           June 19            School closed - Juneteenth

 Tuesday           June 20           Revised Schedule - Last Day of School (2.5-hour day)


Friday, June 9,  2023 
Periods 1-6 + Talent Show (in Pride Class)
(Wed. Lunch Schedule based on 5th Period)

 Period 1                                               8:00 – 8:45       
Period 2                                               8:50 – 9:30    
Period 3                                               9:35 – 10:15      
Period 4                                               10:20 – 11:00  
1st Lunch                                            11:00 – 11:30 
Period 5                                               11:35 – 12:15    
Period 5                                               11:05 – 11:45 
2nd Lunch                                           11:45 – 12:15   
Period 6                                               12:20 – 1:05   
Talent Show (Pride)                           1:10 – 2:35
i-Ready Testing Schedule 6/12/23 (Math) and 6/13/23 (ELA)
Periods 1-6 + i-Ready Testing (in Pride Class)
(Wed. Lunch Schedule based on 5th Period)

 Period 1                                               8:00 – 8:45       
Period 2                                               8:50 – 9:30    
Period 3                                               9:35 – 10:15      
Period 4                                               10:20 – 11:00  
1st Lunch                                            11:00 – 11:30 
Period 5                                               11:35 – 12:15    
Period 5                                               11:05 – 11:45 
2nd Lunch                                           11:45 – 12:15   
Period 6                                               12:20 – 1:05   
Pride i-Ready Testing                          1:10 – 2:35 
Wednesday June 14, 2023 (Full Day)
Periods 1-6, Pride (Locker clean out during Pride)
(Lunches based on 4th period teacher)

 Period 1                       8:00 – 8:55        
Period 2                       9:00 – 9:50          
Period 3                       9:55 – 10:45        
1st Lunch                   10:45 – 11:15      
Period 4                       11:20 - 12:10       
Period 4                       10:50 – 11:40     
2nd Lunch                 11:40 - 12:10      
Period 5                       12:15 – 1:05        
Period 6                       1:10 – 2:00        

 Pride                              2:05 – 2:35       Final Locker Clean-out
Thursday, June 15th 
Revised Periods 1-6 Yearbook Distribution
(Lunches based on 3rd period)
Extended Period 1             8:00 – 9:00   
Announcements /Yearbook Distribution
Period 1                             9:05 – 9:55    
Period 2                            10:00 – 10:45 
1st Lunch                          10:45 – 11:15
Period 3                            11:20 –  12:05  
Period 3                            10:50 –  11:35  
2nd Lunch                         11:35 – 12:05
Period 4                            12:10 – 12:55  
Period 5                            1:00 – 1:45  
Period 6                            1:50 – 2:35    
Friday, June 16, 2023
Lunches are based on 5th Period Wednesday Lunch Schedule
Period 1                       8:00-8:30                    
Period 2                       8:35-9:05                    
Period 3                       9:10-9:40        
Period 4                       9:45-10:15      
1st Lunch                    10:15-10:45    
Period 5                      10:50-11:20    
Period 5                      10:20-10:50    
2nd Lunch                   10:50-11:20    
Period 6                       11:25-11:55    
Pride                            12:00-12:10    
(Drop off belongings in Pride, get Lions Day Bracelet)
Lion’s Day                  12:10-2:10         
Pride Cleaning             2:15-2:30        

   Dismissal                       2:35
Tuesday, June 20, 2023
Period 1 8:00-8:15  
Period 2--8:20-8:30 
Period 3--8:35-8:45
Period 4--8:50-9:00 
Period 5--9:05-9:15 
Period 6--9:20-9:30)
Goodbye Assembly--9:50-10:25



Info Below is from the Leota PTSA


Logo of Leota PTSA
Newsletter for the week of May 29, 2023
In this issue:

  • 8th Grade Party
  • PTSA award recipients
  • Join your high school PTSA
  • Reimbursement requests due
  • Lions Day volunteers needed
  • Staff Appreciation signup
  • Next year’s Student Store
  • Thank you, sponsors

News & events
Stay informed about what’s happening at Leota
Tickets to 8th Grade Party on sale now!
They started middle school online and they are going to end with a big party! We hope all 8th graders are able to join their friends for an evening of activities, food, fun, and laughter to celebrate the end of middle school. Let’s send them off to high school in style! 
 When: Friday, June 16, 6-9 pm
 Where: High Trek Adventures, 11928 Beverly Park Rd., Everett
 Cost: $25 per student
 What: Ticket includes all activities and food (build-your-own-burger bar with beef, chicken, and veg options; drinks; dessert). Check out the activities at www.hightrekeverett.com
 Who: Currently enrolled Leota 8th graders
 Tickets are available for purchase now through June 9. You’ll sign a permission slip and select food preference when you buy your ticket.
Scholarships available! If you would like assistance, please email scholarship@leotaptsa.com.
Volunteers still needed! Please sign up to help. Volunteer jobs are open to parents/guardians of any grade.
Questions? Please contact Sarah Swain Annepu at sarahswain@hotmail.com or Erica Chester at erica.chester@comcast.net.
A poster describing the 8th Grade End-of-Year Party. It reads June 16, 6-9 pm. List of activities reads rope course, ziplines, basketball, fun tower, mini golf, gellyball, laser tag, and axe throwing. Tickets cost $25 each and can be purchased at www.leotaptsa.com.
Congrats to the 2023 Leota PTSA award recipients
Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for this year’s Leota PTSA Awards program. We are incredibly lucky here at Leota to be surrounded by so many awesome staff, students, and volunteers.
The PTSA is thrilled to recognize the following community members for their outstanding contributions to Leota, as part of the State PTA’s award program. Each recipient received a certificate and pin, and a donation was made in their name to the WSPTA Scholarship Program, which benefits students across the state. Congratulations to the 2023 slate of awardees: 
An image listing the 2023 Leota PTSA award recipients: Golden Acorn Award to Dawn Simpson, Outstanding Educator Awards to Douglas Poage and Gary Warmbrodt, Outstanding Student Advocate to Julien Wong, and Outstanding Advocate to Tony Van Zeyl.
We also memorialize recipients from this year and past years with engraved plaques in the main office. They are currently in the process of being updated. We hope that the next time you are at Leota you will take a moment to check out the plaques honoring all our amazing awardees over the years.
Pictured here, from left: Dawn Simpson, Julien Wong, Douglas Poage, Gary Warmbrodt, and Tony Van Zeyl
Pictured here, from left: Dawn Simpson, Julien Wong, Douglas Poage, Gary Warmbrodt, and Tony Van Zeyl
Is your student headed to high school this fall?
Will you have a 9th grader soon? Don’t forget to connect with your new PTSA! Visit their website or social media page to find out what events they may be offering over the summer for students and families, volunteer opportunities to connect you with their community, and how to become a member of their PTSA in the fall.
Bothell High School PTSA:Website | Facebook | Twitter | Join online
Inglemoor High School PTSA:Website | Facebook | Join online
Innovation Lab High School PTSA:Website | Facebook | Join online
North Creek High School PTSA:Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Join online
Woodinville High School PTSA:Website | Facebook | Join online 
Submit your reimbursement requests now
A message from the Treasurer, Angela La Tourette: 
Please be sure to turn in all Leota PTSA expenses ASAP--the sooner, the better. We need to complete reimbursements by the end of June, but we need to have time to write checks and answer any questions. If you have expenses that need to be reimbursed by the PTSA, fill out the Leota PTSA Check Request Form and email it to lalatourette@gmail.com. Be sure to include receipts.
Thank you for your cooperation and please reach out to me if you have questions!
A photo of a checkbook and a pen.
Learn how you can help make Leota more awesome



WANTED: Volunteers for Lions Day
Leota is looking for adult volunteers to help at one of the most anticipated events of the year: Lions Day! Come lend a hand and be part of the fun and excitement!
Help is needed at a variety of stations, including field-day games, food tents, and the photo booth. View the signup sheet to see all the volunteer opportunities and time slots. 
A poster describing the need for volunteers for Lions Day on June 16. It reads that help is needed for field-day games, food tents, and the photo booth.
Staff Appreciation event
We’re planning one more Staff Appreciation event for this school year. Your Leota PTSA will be providing the bagels and cream cheese spreads, but we need your help. Please take a look at the signup and see what you can bring to make our final lunch a huge success!
June 7: Bagels and treats
Photo of a banner hanging in the Leota staff lounge that reads "Thank You Leota Staff." Dozens of white gift bags are lined up underneath the banner.
Join the Student Store volunteer list
A big THANK YOU to all the volunteers who helped at the Student Store this year! If you would like to be added to next year’s Student Store volunteer list, please email studentstore@leotaptsa.com.
Pictured here: Student Store committee chair Brianna Thunberg (left) and volunteer Mei Hwang fill popcorn bags at lunchtime.
Pictured here: Student Store committee chair Brianna Thunberg (left) and volunteer Mei Hwang fill popcorn bags at lunchtime.
Reminder: Volunteer background checks
To volunteer on campus at Leota or any other facility in the Northshore School District, you’ll need to submit an online application for a Level 1 background check. Volunteers must update the application every year, and it must be completed before the first day of volunteering. To begin the process, visit the district’s Become a Volunteer webpage.
Thank you, sponsors
We couldn’t do this without you
The Leota PTSA would like to thank all of the Paving the Way donors, and especially this year’s sponsors (listed below). Our programs and events are possible because of you all!
Lionheart Champion: Sylvia Bagley
Lionheart Hero: Cheng Peng
Lionheart Friends: Theresa Held, Monique Coleman, Fleur Tanner
Your generosity is already at work! To date, projects and programs include:

  • Improving the sound system during emergencies
  • Fixing the refrigerator door in the nurse’s office
  • WEB T-shirts
  • Choir
  • ASB






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Leota PTSA is a parent, teacher, staff, and student membership organization that advocates for all students. We make a variety of educational and community programs possible at Leota. For more information, visit www.leotaptsa.com.

We hope this biweekly newsletter is a valuable resource to learn about the events, programs, and opportunities available to all Leota families. Thanks for reading!

We welcome your feedback and suggestions for the PTSA Newsletter. Please email them to communications@leotaptsa.com.


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