Leota Middle School November Parent Newsletter


Leota Middle School Parent Newsletter

November 4, 2022

Hello Leota Lion Families,

Welcome to November. This past week has been exciting with both the weather and interesting costumes. Whether students celebrated Halloween or not, the overall atmosphere was positive and they were considerate of one another. Just a reminder, this is the weekend to turn back your clocks. Hopefully everyone will be able to enjoy an extra hour of rest. As far as this upcoming week, school will be closed on Friday, November 11th in recognition of our Veterans. I encourage all of us to take a moment and think of all of those that have served in the military. If you have served, thank you! I am personally grateful to all of the women and men who have provided the freedoms we benefit from each day.


The Transportation Dept has informed Leota that very few one day bus passes may be issued for this school year. Too many of our buses are full. Please note no changes may be made regarding your bus stop until the Transportation Department reviews all ridership requests in the coming week. Bus passes will not be issued for bus changes until further notice from Transportation.

For those who drop off and or pick students up, please drive safely, and help keep the roadway clear so traffic can still flow. Patience is important. As you all know, we have limited space to maneuver. Hopeful with the remodel, we will be able to address the traffic flow concerns.

COVID Update

The Department of Health (DOH) requires schools to inform families and students of COVID-19 cases and potential outbreaks. This week, there were a total of 4 confirmed cases at our school. The accuracy of our data depends on self-reporting. Thank you for continuing to let the school know if your child tests positive for COVID-19. To view additional information, including school and district trends visit the District’s COVID-19 data dashboard. The dashboard is updated weekly on Monday evenings.

Upcoming Evening Events

6th grade Boys Basketball begins on Monday. All participants need to be cleared with all physicals and permissions completed in Final Forms in order to practice. Good luck to all of those involved.

Innovation Lab High School information session @ Leota Middle School on Wednesday, November 16th from 6-7pm in the Cafeteria. If you are interested, please check out the flier below. Their target audience is for current 8th grade students and families, but they won’t turn away other guests.


Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

In partnership,

Scott Leick, Principal
Leota Middle School

 Upcoming Events

Periods 1-6, Pride
Season 2:  6th  grade Boys Basketball Practice Begins
Game Club: 2:35 Library 
Periods 1-6, Pride
Star Time: 2:35 Library 
Future Problem Solving: 2:35 Rm 614
ASB Meeting: 2:35 P-5
Periods 1-6, Early Release 
Periods 1-6, Pride
World Language Competency Exam: Library
Star Time: 2:35 Library 
Geography Club: 2:35 P-9
Veterans Day Observed-School is Closed 
Periods 1-6, Pride
Game Club: 2:35 Library 
Periods 1-6, Pride
Star Time: 2:35 Library
Future Problem Solving: 2:35 Rm 614 
ASB Meeting: 2:35 P-5
Periods 1-6, Early Release 
PTSA Staff Appreciation Lunch: Soups
Periods 1-6, Pride
Star Time: 2:35 Library 
Geography Club: 2:35 P-9
7th Boys Basketball: Leota@Canyon Park 3:30
8th Boys Basketball: Leota@Canyon Park 4:30
Periods 1-6, Pride
Bookworms Club: 2:35 Library 

Yearbook is Looking for Autumn Pictures

Do you have pictures of your student at the Mariner's games? In the smoke and heat of October? Trick-or-treating or pumpkin-patching? What about at the Woodinville Homecoming game? Any other fun activities? Please send photographs for consideration to leotamsyearbook@nsd.org and include your student's name.

Resources for Families in 2022-2023

Leota participates in many programs in the community, dedicated towards meeting the needs of all families and students who attend our school. Our goal is for every student to feel welcome and able to access what they need to learn and achieve. To support this goal, there are several programs and opportunities throughout the year that provide support for families. If your family would like to be considered for any of the following programs or services for this year 2022-2023, please complete the following survey online. You can also download the Resources PDF Form. Fill it out and return to the Counseling Office. Please note: We will do our best to provide families with the resources they requested; however, due to limited availability and resources, we may not be able to serve all families in all requested areas. 

Leota Counseling Team: 
Taryn Bakkane tbakkane@nsd.org - 6th grade 
Kapala Hoge Khoge@nsd.org - 7th grade 
James Kim jkim@nsd.org - 8th grade 
Family Liaison: 
Maria Cisneros Mcisneros@nsd.org 

Medications at school

Students are prohibited from carrying any medications at school unless an Authorization for Medication has been filled out by a Doctor and signed by the parent. This includes prescriptions such as inhalers, as well as over the counter medications such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen. 

These forms must be kept on file in the Health Room to ensure the health and safety of all student at Leota. If you would like to have your student carry a medication or receive medications in the Health Room, please visit the Health Services section of nsd.org to download a copy of the required form. 

Vicki Duncombe, MSN, RN
School Nurse, Leota Middle School
phone 425-408-6506/fax 425-408-6502