National Junior Honor Society

The purpose of the National Junior Honor Society is

  • To create enthusiasm for Scholarship
  • To stimulate a desire to render Service
  • To promote Leadership
  • To develop Character
  • To encourage Citizenship

August 2020

You can begin serving your volunteer hours for the 2020-21 year immediately. You do not need pre-approval to volunteer, UNLESS the organization is not listed on the right side of this page. If you do need pre-approval, please contact Ms. Schlutz. 

Service hours can be completed any time between Sat., Feb. 15, 2020 and Feb. 2021 (final date TBD).

There will be one Club Service meeting in the fall, where officers will be elected. If you choose to attend, the meeting will count toward ONE of your service hours. You will still be required to get at least 12 service hours, with at least 2 hours served at Leota (Club Service cannot be part of your Leota hours, though it will count for ONE your overall hours). It is your responsibility to find a staff member with whom to volunteer for the Leota hours. Please do NOT wait until the last minute, as many things can interfere. Note: Once officers are selected in the fall, the officers will review the club constitution and may decide to change/reduce service hour requirements due to COVID-19 challenges.

In general, your service needs to be performed at a non-profit organization, and needs to be for underserved and/or disadvantaged populations (to include hospitals, day care facilities, schools, after school boys/girls clubs, homeless populations, eldercare, disabled individuals, animal rescue/care, environmental work, libraries, places of worship, veterans services, and more). Examples of activities that will NOT be considered a service include, but are not limited to, housing a foreign exchange student, participating in performances (such as ballet/dance, music recitals, etc.), helping your neighbor clean their yard, taking tests, playing sports, and other like activities.

When you serve your community service hours, please remember you are representing Leota Middle School --- dress appropriately and be on your best behavior. Thank you for choosing to participate in this valuable club.

Staff Advisor

Ms. Amy Schlutz

Phone Number



Documents & Forms

Activity Information Form 2020-2021 (list all volunteer sites on this form, and for pre-approvals, if needed)

Community Service Supervisory Form 2020-2021 (for supervisors to verify you performed your volunteer work; you need one per site)

Honor Society Officer application 2020-2021 (8th graders only)

Posting date TBD

Approved Volunteer

Site List

If you do not see your choice listed below, please contact Mrs. Hurley for pre-approval --- bring the Activity Information Form with you. Download the form in the "Documents & Forms" section above.

  • 4-H (any)
  • American Red Cross
  • Amrita Seattle
  • Babies of Homelessness
  • Bothell Community Kitchen
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Boys & Girls Clubs (any)
  • Cancer Society (any)
  • City of Woodinville Earthcorps
  • Day Car Facilities (any)
  • Eastside Audubon
  • Eastside Baby Corner
  • Eastside Community          Aid Thrift Shop
  • MoPOP
  • Environmental organizations (any)
  • Evergreen Mountain Bike        Alliance 
  • Food Bank (any)
  • Food Lifeline
  • Girl Scouts
  • Homeless shelters (any)
  • Homeward Pet Adoption
  • Hopelink
  • Humane Society 
  • Hospitals (any)
  • Imagine Housing
  • Leota PTSA
  • Library (any)
  • Life Center Northwest
  • Little Bit Riding Center
  • Mountains to Sound Greenway
  • Northshore Council PTSA
  • Northshore Family Center
  • Northwest Harvest
  • Places of worship (any)
  • Regional Animal Service of King County 
  • Retirement homes/senior  centers (any)
  • Schools (public and private)
  • Sports teams (any)
  • Sweety Saradha Arts
  • Threads & Treads
  • United Way
  • Veterans organizations (any)
  • WEB hours (can count for Leota Service or other hours)
  • Washington Trails Association
  • Willow Tree Tutoring
  • WJFA Community Youth
  • Woodinville Arts Alliance
  • Youth Volunteer Corps
  • YMCA